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Transmission Fluid Exchange

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Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Recommended Every 30,000 Miles

Transmission drained and fluid replaced with Genuine VW Factory approved transmission fluid. Inspection of transmission housing, seals, and cooler lines for leaks.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

The transmission of your vehicle transfers power from your engine to your wheels. This makes your transmission an essential mechanical component of your vehicle. It's important to keep your transmission in good shape. Transmission problems are generally expensive to repair. That's why transmission maintenance is so important. One important maintenance task is having a Volkswagen transmission fluid exchange done when necessary. We provide this service at Volkswagen Clarksburg. If you're located in Clarksburg, Nutter Fort, Bridgeport, Adamston, or Anmoore, we're here to help you with your transmission fluid exchange needs.

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What Happens During the Transmission Fluid Exchange Service?

A transmission fluid exchange is a basic and simple transmission maintenance service. This service simply consists of draining out old transmission fluid and then replacing it. You need to do this because transmission fluid degrades over time. The transmission fluid in a vehicle is essential for lubricating transmission components. Poor lubrication in your transmission could cause your transmission to wear out quickly. Changing your transmission fluid when necessary prolongs the life of your transmission. This service is important whether you drive a vehicle with a standard or automatic transmission.

Timeframe for Scheduling Your Transmission Fluid Exchange in Clarksburg

Another important thing you need to know about this service is how often it needs to be performed. The best source of information on how frequently you need to have your transmission fluid replaced is the owner's manual of your vehicle. Most vehicles need to have new transmission fluid around once every 30,000 miles. However, the recommended time frame for this important service can vary depending on the exact vehicle model in question. Required service frequency could also vary depending on other factors like the driving habits of the vehicle owner or the age of the vehicle in question.

Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Having Service Done at Volkswagen Clarksburg

If you're looking for a convenient place around Clarksburg to enjoy high-quality Volkswagen service, Volkswagen Clarksburg is a great place to come to. As a factory-certified facility, we offer exceptional service. Come in to see us if you're looking for a vehicle service provider offering OEM parts, Saturday service hours, online scheduling, and much more. Give us a call, or if you prefer, you can set up your appointment online via our website. Chat with us on our website if you have questions regarding the many services we provide at our dealership.


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